Publication – Estimating the Number of Soccer Players using Simulation-based Occlusion Handling

Another article I helped worked on was published a while ago, so I figured I would write a short post...

Using Chromecast with mobile VR

There are tons of reasons you might want to mirror VR content to a TV from a phone based head mounted display such as Samsung GearVR. Exhibitions, conventions, conferences, exams, collaboration and more. This guide will take you through the steps required to show your VR content on your display of choice.

Revit Cube Map to Equirectangular Panorama

In this guide we will look at converting the Revit cube map render output to an equirectangular panorama.

360° Images with Revit and V-Ray

360° Images with Revit and V-Ray

This guide provides a quick introduction to creating 360 degree images in Revit, using V-Ray for rendering.

Stereoscopic 360° Images in 3ds Max

This tutorial will cover the basics of creating stereoscopic 360 degree renders in 3ds Max using Mental Ray and the...

Batch Rendering with V-Ray in SketchUp

In this guide I will cover how to render several scenes within the same model with the click of a single button, using V-Ray’s Batch Render feature.

Stereoscopic 360° Images with SketchUp and V-Ray

In this tutorial we will be using SketchUp and V-Ray to render stereoscopic 360° images.

Displaying 360° Images

There are a lot of different solutions for displaying 360 degree images. In this guide I will try to cover the most relevant ones, and how to use them.

CityEngine to GearVR

In this guide I will take you through the process of getting your CityEngine project onto the GearVR headset.

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