Batch Rendering with V-Ray in SketchUp

In this guide I will cover how to render several scenes within the same model with the click of a single button, using V-Ray’s Batch Render feature.


I will assume you have followed the previous SketchUp + V-Ray tutorial.

Used in This Tutorial

  • SketchUp Make 2017
  • V-Ray 3.40

If you don’t already have V-Ray installed, you can follow along with this tutorial using the free 30 day trial, found here.

Step 1. Pick a Model

For this tutorial I will be using the same model as in the previous tutorial.

Step 2. Setting up Scenes

To render several images from the same model in one go, you will need to set up a scene for each viewpoint you wish to render. To get started, add a scene.

With a scene added, use a height marker and the ‘Position Camera’ tool to pick a vantage point for the scene, as in the previous tutorial. When the camera is where you want it, update the scene to save the position.

Repeat this process for each viewpoint you wish to render.

Step 3. Rendering

If you didn’t mess with the render settings since the previous settings, you shouldn’t need to change anything. If you did, go back to Step 3. of the previous tutorial, and make sure your settings are correct. It’s important that you make sure you save your images this time, so make sure you set a name here:

Now, instead of just hitting the render button, you need to find V-Ray’s Batch Render option.

Click the button, and you can sit back while V-Ray renders out a picture for each scene you have set up.


As in the previous tutorial, these will need to be converted to over/under images instead of side by side, if they are meant to be viewed in most of the common web viewers.





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