Kasper Halkjær

Aalborg, Denmark

+45 23721554

Game Designer / Programmer


Game Design
• Level Design and Architecture
• Game Systems and Balance
• Playtesting
• Quality Assurance
• Game Design Documentation
• Writing – Story and Dialogue

• C#
• JavaScript
• Processing / Arduino

Level Editors
• Unity
• Hammer

• Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro
• Microsoft Office
• 3ds Max / ZBrush / Sculptris / 3D Coat
• Audacity
• PureData
• Unity PlayMaker


Investigating the Effects of Scaffolding in Modern Game Design, Presented at the 5th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation, 2016.
Estimating the Number of Soccer Players using Simulation-based Occlusion Handling, Published in 4th International Workshop on Computer Vision in Sports (CVsports), 2018.


Aalborg University
• Master of Science in Medialogy, with a specialization in Interactivity, graduated in 2016.
• Bachelor of Science in Medialogy, graduated in 2014.

HTX at Tech College Aalborg
• Communication and Media, Mathematics A as an elective, graduated in 2011.

Gaming Experience

A few of the games I’ve played over the years that I keep coming back to. I don’t want to make a whole list of games, but the few ones I mention here are games that I think teach very good overall skills that can be applied in many different areas of life.

Dota 2
I played this game competitively for a while, and I think I’ve learned some lessons on working together as a team that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Magic: The Gathering
This game is great at teaching logical thinking. By virtue of being played with a randomized deck, each game provided news challenges, and each line of play has to be thought out in order to pick the right one.