Game Development

Game Development

NPC Design

For our master thesis, a friend and I worked on figuring out how the visual appearance of various enemies affects how players perform against those enemies. 2016.

Level Design

I worked with this project during the second semester of my masters degree. I investigated how differences in level design and information provided to players changed how they performed in different scenarios. More information on my blog. 2015. PDF Download Link

Horror Games

This is a project I worked on for my bachelor thesis. I can’t take full credit, since we were a team of 4-6 people over the course of the project, but I was one of two designer / programmers who worked on it. 2014.  

Roguelike Action Shooter

This is half of a project I have been working on in my spare time. This part of the project concerns gameplay components of a roguelike action shooter.

3D Audio Investigation

This project did not end up going exactly like we hoped, seeing as the research did not come up with any significant results in the end. It was however, my first time collaborating with an external company (AM:3D), which was a good experience. I was the main programmer on this project, and I am quite
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Procedural Level Generator

This is a procedural level generator which I wrote from scratch. It works by picking out random points in an array and then expanding out from those points to create rooms of varying sizes. After creating the rooms, it makes paths from room to room, making sure every room ends up being connected to the
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Estimating the Number of Soccer Players using Simulation-based Occlusion Handling

Another article I helped worked on was published a while ago. The article is called “Estimating the Number of Soccer Players using Simulation-based Occlusion Handling”, and can be found at this link. It details an approach into automatically counting people in a photograph or video frame, with the initial version being used for counting players on
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Game for NPC Design Research

 Here is a playable version of the game I helped create for my master’s thesis. I have removed the different variations used for testing purposes, leaving only the “true” version of the game. Additionally one enemy has been removed due to technical issues porting the game to a newer version of Unity.

Level Design


Created for SourceForts, a competetive first person shooter. The map has a very open design to allow for players to build their own bases. Made in Valve’s Hammer Editor. 2009.


Map created for a single player experience that never panned out, which is also why I never got around to texturing most of it. Based on Japanese architecture. Made in Valve’s Hammer Editor. 2009.

Building Site

This map was created for Half Life 2: Deathmatch. Since I knew I was going to be using art assets from the game, I wanted to replicate the architectural style seen in City 17. I think the end result gets pretty close. Made in Valve’s Hammer Editor. 2008.


This map was created for SourceForts, a competitive shooter. Teams spawn on each side and the map is symmetrical to keep it balanced. The map is quite open since players are required to build their own base, and too many obstructions would interfere with the gameplay. Made in Valve’s Hammer Editor. 2009.